Time For a New Airbrush

The Badger has had a good life and it certainly won’t get retired, but I think it’s that time to get in the market for a new airbrush. Especially given the fact that I just cleaned it and replaced the needle. I can still use it for basic single color or masked off areas, just not for details anymore. This isn’t the first time that I have had this issue so I know it’s not a fluke.

The Eurocopter started off with the best of intentions but as you can see, I had to call it quits. No matter the air pressure, my airbrush just wouldn’t give me a nice clean line. Thinning out the paint didn’t help out either. So I will now mask the camouflage tonight and retry tomorrow.

The Huey continued to progress and had no problems with the airbrush today. The yellow tail band and the flat black anti-glare shield were sprayed and will be ready to mask off later today. The final coat of olive drab will likely get applied tomorrow.

The Cobra was cleared last night and the decals were applied this morning. There are still a few projects to be addressed so I am not as far as it seems. The ordinance and rotors remain in need of attention. I may work on them this afternoon.

14 thoughts on “Time For a New Airbrush

  1. Wow, burned out an airbrush. I’m impressed you are a prolific modeler.

    I’ve been looking at new airbrushed too so I can run acrylics in it. The one I am using isn’t as nice as my Iwata and I want something with a small fixed cup since I’ve been using the brush more for painting small detail parts.

    I’ll be interested to see what you pick.


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