Gaining Ground 

Things are looking up at the Amateur Airplanes workbench these days. The vibe is quite enjoyable and all my builds are treating me well. I took Wednesday night off and resumed work for a little while last night. Not a great big session but enough to feel satisfied about where I stand. 

The night started off at the spray booth checking my work from Tuesday evening. I’m happy to report that the Cobra has graduated onto final paint. Everything looked good and I will get the airbrush going tomorrow. The Eurocopter will be in that mix tomorrow as well to get some touch up painting accomplished. 

That leaves the Huey and Hind. Both respective kits came in and advanced a little further. The Huey was first up with a little more sanding. After that, I attached the struts to the fuselage and left it to dry. So far I’m thinking this one will transition out to final paint this weekend too. I need to double check the instructions and make sure I’m not leaving anything out first. 

The Hind is doing quite well. The wings passed through primer okay and it was onto more construction. I’ve been putting off working on the chin gun/blisters for some reason and last night was go time. I just went for it and it all went well. Minor gaps that were later filled but overall a positive experience. The canopy was the last check mark to knock off before I called it quits for the night. Tonight will see some primer get applied to see where I need to add filler and I think the Hind is well on its way to being finished. 

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