Let’s Start Airbrushing!

This morning turned out to be more than I bargained for at the workbench. My main focus today was to get the Eurocopter painted. While that did get accomplished, I had to do my chores first. It seems as though my airbrush wasn’t working properly a few months back and had to break it down for a cleaning along with all of my paint jars. I failed to remember all of that and was slapped in the face with cleaning everything and putting my airbrush back together. All in all  not a terrible thing since it obviously needed it. Plus it’s nice to start fresh.

So the Eurocopter was sprayed this morning in an uneventful and straight forward application of Sand. That was the easy part. Next will be the camouflage in Dark Sand. That will hopefully begin tomorrow but I go back to work in the morning so we’ll see how that works out. I will try to get everything prepped and ready to go tonight to make it a little easier.

The Hind and Cobra were given a good check to reveal some tiny areas that still need addressed. Filled was added and I will sand them down tonight and then out for more primer. The Huey stayed the course today with the engine compartment seams getting sanded down and filler added where need be. I’d like to get the filler sanded tonight and out to primer. That doesn’t seem too difficult of a goal with the workbench thinning out now.

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