Adding the Huey

Quick little workbench sessions seem to be the trick as I get my feet wet again. Another night of helicopter activity and I am starting to get a streak going! It wasn’t a huge production night again but they are starting to add up quickly.

The Eurocopter is the star of the evening. Last nights primer went through all the checks and I now have the green light. A great big sigh of relief is in order here. It feels wonderful to be at this point with the first helicopter. The initial hurdle has been jumped and now I can focus on final paint. That will hopefully begin tomorrow sometime. 

The Hind and the Cobra were given a quick sanding and headed out for some primer. I am feeling good about the progress and am hoping to move on to finalizing the two tomorrow. If all goes well with the Cobra then I can go straight to final paint. The Hind needs just a little more work before I can think about painting it.

Joining the party tonight was the Huey. With some room being made at the workbench, I felt it pertinent to finally resume working on this kit. Again, not a whole lot was accomplished. The engine compartment was assembled and affixed and some more filler was added to the nose. Some minor sanding will need to be completed tomorrow and maybe some more construction.

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