That’s The Ticket

Growing up, my dad would always say “that’s the ticket” when he achieved an excited approval. This mornings efforts at the workbench, I feel, warrant that exclamation. And then some. I was pretty active with all five helicopters receiving some due attention. 

The Cobra kicked off the day with some small gains. The NTS was assembled and installed with ease while the main rotor shaft, gun barrels, and gun housing have begun preliminary painting. The helicopter itself travelled out to the garage for a coat of primer. I’m thinking some filler will be required around the canopy tomorrow. Either way, I’m thrilled that this kit is inching along. 

As for the rest… they finally made their way back inside to the workbench. The Eurocopter looks great with only minor gaps that needed filled. The Huey needed filler along the length of its belly and just a tiny bit around the windscreen. The Hind looks pretty decent considering what it looked like in the beginning. It needed a little more sanding but I think I’m good to move on. The Blackhawk needs some love for sure. Some gap issues and a broken door are in store for the next few sit downs. Not huge issues but they are worth noting. 

6 thoughts on “That’s The Ticket

    • Oh my. I hope it doesn’t last that long. It’s been a super busy few months and I just haven’t had any time to really do anything. I’m on vacation now and I brought a kit with so I’m hoping I can ease back into a routine. Thank you for the concern. I’ll be back asap!

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