The White Whale(s)

When I first started back building models, I really didn’t have too much of a picky pallet of what I was building. Cost was my biggest concern because I wasn’t very good at this stuff. Why spend a fortune on a kit for it to look like garbage? Now granted, the learning experience is golden, but you can learn the same lessons on a cheaper kit.

Now that I am a little more advanced and have a sizable array of aircraft, I find myself searching for specifics. Finding specific paint schemes and markings can be difficult at times but the vast majority of what we’re looking for are out there. When they are not, we can make do with some spare decals to make it work.

So what about when you want a specific aircraft? That’s sometimes a lot harder of a task to accomplish. When a certain aircraft isn’t available, research goes into what makes that one different from the A, B, C, etcetera variants. Easy modifications I am okay with but what if the aircraft isn’t available at all?

Here we have my white whale list of MUST HAVE kits.  They are at the top of my wish list and I am in constant search of anything available to add one to my stash. Keep in mind that I build strictly in 1/72 scale. Yeah, I’m one of those guys.

C-2 Greyhound

So I know that RVHP Models sells a few different resin kits in my scale. That said, the cheapest that I have seen them is $89.99. To add to that frightening cost is that you need to purchase an E-2 Hawkeye kit to cannibalize the wings and vertical/horizontal stabilizers. The recommended kit is Hasegawa’s, which adds at least another $30.00 to the cost. I will continue to miss that party until I can find a better option.

SR-71B Blackbird

The Blackbird is such an iconic aircraft and many companies have put their spin on it in the past. I am surprised that Hasegawa hasn’t produced the “B” variant with the multitude of special editions that they produce. The way that the rear canopy is situated keeps me from even wanting to attempt a partial scratch build. Maybe in the distant future.


Again, I know that there are available options in the old Airfix, Academy, and MPC kits. Been there and built the Airfix and MPC kits. I want the long snout “S” variant. Also, I would like an updated release of any variant with some more details to break up the all black. Some open panels or a highly detailed cockpit would suffice. This is another kit right up Hasegawa’s special edition ally.

B-2 Spirit

Testors put this kit out in the 90’s and I have been trying to get my hands on one even though I have heard they are a pig of a kit. There is a nice PE set out there too to add some detail to a large bird. The other problem is cost. I’m not the only one that wants the B-2 so they go for around $60-$100. Now, I am okay with the lower end of that on a newer kit if one ever comes out. Spending that much on an older kit is not what I am prepared to do. If I heard great things about it then that would be different. I don’t want to pay to be tortured.


So those are my most wanted kits as of right now. There are more, of course, but these are the ones that are a little tougher to grasp onto. What are your white whales?

8 thoughts on “The White Whale(s)

    • It sure does limit a kids choice in what they can buy. I remember buying Revell kits with what I had as a kid. There is no way that I could dump $50 on kit back then. Even now it has to be THE kit I’ve been searching endlessly for.

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  1. Testors made a 1/48 SR-71 kit that had parts for both the A and B variant parts. I built one way back in the 80s. I remember building the B just because I thought it was neat looking. It looks like they did offer this kit again somewhat recently (2009-ish) so maybe some are out there to be had a somewhat fair prices.

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    • Alas the ever available 1/48 scale selection! I’m one of those only build in one scale guys. Mine happens to be 1/72. Maybe as I get older and my eyes start to go I’ll make the switch. Thanks for looking out for me there!


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