Making My Spray Booth

My path took a different direction when I arrived home from vacation. Instead of resuming the helicopters, I got to thinking about my second workbench. My main workbench where all the building goes on has been finalized since my move last year. Where I paint my models has not. It’s been a makeshift spot on a countertop in my garage. Functional, yes. Super efficient and professional, no. So that has been my project this week. 

So how to build it? Well, it was all sort of there already. I rearranged some shelves and created a decent spray booth out of it. The walls were installed this afternoon and all that is left to do is finalize the exhaust fan. I need to figure out how I want to “capture” the excess paint and fumes. I’m not too keen on cutting a hole in my house so I may figure out something internal with some filters.  Another addition will be a clear cover that will drop down to keep the kits safe from any mishap as they dry. Maybe a small shelf too. 

As you can see, the helicopters are “testing” it out. I took my first good look at them since I primed them and I’m surprised how well they look. The Hind has some headway but the Huey, Blackhawk, and Eurocopter will move rather quickly once I resume building. 

8 thoughts on “Making My Spray Booth

  1. I have an Auto Body Shop so I use filter media that is 98% efficient to comply with local ordinances. You could use an explosion proof fan of some kind with a furnace filter chopped down or even a type of bathroom fan maybe. Love it you are my hero. By the way, when do you sleep?

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    • That’s a good idea. My dad is a body man so maybe he can get me something good. I have a regular old bathroom exhaust fan hooked up now. I think it should work pretty good.
      Sleep? What’s that? I do get sleep here and there. I work shift work so I have odd times where my family is at school/work to sit down for hours. Late at night is another key time that I get some quality work in. I really just steal time whenever I can.

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