An A-10 With A Twist

As I stated in my previous post, I decided that bringing along the helicopters wasn’t the greatest of ideas. That many builds to pack up could have resulted in disaster. Instead of doing all that work and worrying, I opted to bring along a new kit and start from zero. Easy and straightforward with no painting or intricate work involved. Nope. I’m not building a UAV. Another A-10 is in the works. Only this time I have a bit of a twist.  

The boneyard at Davis Monthan Air Force Base has always been a tremendous interest to me and a few months back I got the idea to build an aircraft out of there. Naturally, the A-10 was my go-to. The next questions were what kit to use and how can I pull this off?

Picking a kit wasn’t too difficult of a task. I just needed something that would go together. The detail will be in the weathering and paint so cockpit detailing is a non-factor here. Out of all my inventory, I chose Heller’s 1/72 A-10A Thunderbolt II. It was the least quality kit that I own of the   A-10 so it was perfect. 

Assembly will be pretty simple with nothing needing super attention. The basics of the paint and weathering are in my wheelhouse so I am comfortable with that. The white sealant, however, will need some trial and error. For now I am thinking that with the scale, painting the white on will suffice. Older builds will be my test monkeys.

Other aspects that I would like to create are the markings and environment. I would like to have accurate markings as well as make this a diorama. I think by adding the desert, it won’t look like a weird A-10 sitting on my shelf. There is a lot going on in the future here and I will put this project on hold when I return from vacation. The Helicopters will need to be finished first. I am excited about this project and have lots of research to complete. 

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