Looking For My Opening 

Establishing a comfortable groove is becoming extremely rare for me over the past year. What used to come extremely easy to me has now become very difficult. Multiple builds were my strength in the past and I am now finding it smarter to work on fewer at a time. I am hoping the phase is cyclical and I will find a smooth gear to transition into. Either way, the workbench remains active with a wide range of results.

So basically I am still hovering around the same state that I was after my last post. The Huey and Blackhawk received more masking and will soon get an application of primer to see where I really stand with them both. I am optimistic that the work that has been completed will be a solid start to both helicopters.

The Eurocopter has advanced a little farther with some more basic construction. The engine/exhaust compartments have been assembled and will need some sanding and preliminary painting before I can attach them to the fuselage. The canopy is all ready to install as well. This has been a nice build so far.

Th Hind is limping along fairly well. The intake section and bay doors were installed and upon doing that, I noticed that the fuselage was broken just behind the cockpit. Of course I can’t find the broken piece so I will have to manufacture one. It doesn’t look major so I am not super concerned. Aside from that, the sanding will be the major player at the workbench. A few good sit-downs and I should be all set.

The Cobra is in motion in one way or another. The lost seat has been resurrected into a somewhat acceptable clone. The cockpit will be closed so the illusion of a seat should suffice. At least I hope it will. That’s about as far as I am on this build. I will need to detail the seat and everything will resume as normal with the cockpit assembly and so on. Not super awesome strides taking place, but work  is getting done. Par for the course.


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