Getting A Little Bit Deeper

The weekend is expiring as I type this and while I didn’t get a spectacular sit-down to show magnificent efforts like I had planned, I did make some motivating headway. These helicopters are teaching me lessons with different aspects that I am not used to building. It’s foreign, but a nice change up so far.

I started with the Blackhawk and spent very little time installing the cockpit followed by both fuselage halves getting affixed together. All very much similar to an airplane build and right in my wheel house. The seams will be next to be addressed sometime this week.

The Huey was next with basically the same routine as the Blackhawk. Cockpit, fuselage, done. I will form an assembly line with the Huey, Blackhawk, Eurocopter, and a nice stack of sand paper. 


The Hind would be right there with the rest if not for a little more work needing to be completed first. I need to do a little engine work before I can join the fuselage halves. 

The Cobra still awaits my time on the missing seat. I would like to get that accomplished sometime this week if possible. I don’t think it will take too much time to modify the F-100 seat so I am quite hopeful at the very least. The workbench is staying active in some capacity so I am happy with that!

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