Mitsubishi G4M1 Type 1, Betty

Well the egg is certainly all over my face on this one. Since about the third post that included any mention of this build, I have for some reason been calling this aircraft by the name of “Peggy”. In actuality, it’s given name by the allied forces was “Betty”. I was completely dumbfounded and quite embarrassed to learn of my mistake while taking a final look through the instruction sheet. I even went back through all of my past posts to correct everything. In my defense, I did have it right the first two posts. From there…who knows?

So here we have the BETTY. I will say it again so I don’t forget, Beeeeeeetty. With typical Hasegawa quality, I think I had a decent time here. Bigger aircraft equal more seams. That was really the only challenging aspect to this build. The interior windows weren’t the greatest of fit but I’ll let that one slide. Decals were minimal and to the point which was nice. 

Weathering Japanese aircraft can go many ways. I was originally going to use the salt method to show severe paint chipping but opted to steer towards the middle of the spectrum. I used a silver Prismacolor pencil to create the chipping and weathered the panel lines like normal. I think I achieved a good balance and I’m happy with the ending. 

17 thoughts on “Mitsubishi G4M1 Type 1, Betty

  1. Too funny. Both are Mitsubishi products. Some of the shapes, especially the tail, are very similar. Without giving it too much thought, I thought you were working on both!

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  2. Good to see your very own “Betty”. I’d not heard of this type before today, it got a respectful mention in Carrier Pilot – where the Allies were taking on the Japanese in the West Pacific. Great model.

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