Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI

So finally we have the Beaufighter. The one major thing that I have learned from this build is that I absolutely love this aircraft. It was as much a joy to build as it was to learn about. To have it complete is kind of bittersweet because I have to move on now. 

Well, not much to say about the build that I haven’t already covered over the months. Hasegawa really did well. Excellent fitting parts and great decals once they finally released from the backing. Overall one of the better kits in my inventory. Once I finish up my model room and organize my shelves, it will sit next to my two Mosquitoes. 

8 thoughts on “Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI

  1. What a beauty… the copper on the motor and guns is just superb! Do you create a paint pattern based on known specific airplane types, or do you create your own? How successful do you estimate you are with the camo paint reproductions – just curious… as painting camo was always my weak point.

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