So Little Time…

As the title suggests, I wish that there was more time in the day to allocate to all that I want to accomplish. Back to reality and here we are almost finished with the Beaufighter. I’m back in a regular rotation at work while the steel industry figures out where its heading. Hopefully in a positive direction soon so I can get back to my cake schedule. The dreaded afternoons are my schedule this week and I’m not exactly excited about that. I try to make the most of it but having a family that I don’t see for a week is downright depressing. 

Back to the Beaufighter now. I had about an hour to spend on final assembly this morning and I spent every bit of it. The bulk of it is completed with just some minor areas to address. The landing gear and engines were the main attractions along with some touch-up painting. I’d say another hour will do it. So hopefully I can finish everything up tomorrow morning. 

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