Wrapping Up: Part 2

My goal to have at least one build completed this weekend fell by the wayside. However, I made great leaps towards achieving that goal. No worries at all because both builds are on the cusp of finalization.

So Friday night, I took the family up to Kalamazoo, Michigan to see a K-Wings game. Before we departed, I sprayed a coat of clear gloss on the Beaufighter to prepare for decals. Saturday started off feeling terrible with a cold. The flu has been shared throughout my household in the past week so I am feeling lucky at this point. As the day went on, I felt well enough to get some work done. I applied the decals which took a phenomenal amount of time to release from the backing. They dried overnight and I shot the aircraft with a coat of clear matte this morning. I waited until this evening to get the weathering applied. Another coat of clear matte was applied and now it’s time for final assembly.

The Betty is going very well except for the fact that I forgot to paint the engine nacelles. As you can see in the photograph, I set them on the Beaufighter’s work board and completely overlooked them. A quick session at the airbrush will correct the mistake but it is still annoying nonetheless. Other than that, the build is coming along nicely. The weathering was completed yesterday and I picked up this evening with the window frames getting painted. Some more weathering will be done tomorrow and hopefully I can get started on final assembly.

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