In The Slow Lane

Trying to tie up all the loose ends has proved difficult lately here at Amateur Airplanes. I thought the completion of the P-40, Bf-109, and the Hs-129 would free up some time but I was vastly mistaken. 

The Ju-86 is coming along nicely. Slowly, but it is getting there. All that is left is final assembly and some touching up. Not a great task to handle. I’m hoping to free up a little time tonight for that. It is my number one priority. 

The Betty and Beaufighter are about the only workbench encouragement as of late. Both fuselages are affixed and sanded. The Beaufighter will need a little more sanding around its nose but it’s looking great so far. The Betty had quite a few gaps to fill and that’s where we are with her. I’d like to get some sanding in tonight as well but we’ll see. 

The P-51 has no update to be given. When I airbrushed the leading edges of the wings yellow, some overspray made its way through so I have to deal with that. I’m thinking it just might be easier to re-paint. 

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