Hitting Restart

With my bathroom remodel coming to an end soon, I think I can squeeze in some much missed time at the workbench within the next few days. The whole operation has been idled since last weekend without even the smallest project getting finished. I did however use some of my modeling skills on the remodel when it was time for filling and sanding unsightly nail and anchor holes along with the obvious painting. 

So as everything sits, I’m not actually in a bad spot. The Ju-86 and Bf-109 will require the most work. I was able to get the undersides painted last week and they await some masking now. The P-40 is finished with final paint for the time being. I need to install the canopy and we’ll touch up where needed. The P-51 and Hs-129 need one last color before I can attempt final assembly. 

I’d say I’m set up quite well for the weekend. The bathroom should be 99% done tonight. I have to install a light fixture and paint a one foot section. There will be more to come eventually but nothing big enough to get in the way. 

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