Cruise Control 

The weekend came and went with just a little bit of progress being made. Progress is progress so yay me! I really wanted to do more but between taking my son on a hike with his Cub Scout troop on Saturday, his baptism on Sunday, and a root canal on Monday… I’d call it par for the course. I am actually happy with what I did get accomplished. 

The Hs-129 was the only aircraft to sit untouched. The airbrush hasn’t been assembled so I wasn’t able to get that going. The rest of the builds, the Beaufighter and Betty included, all had some work done to them. 

The Ju-86 is ever so close. The trouble areas keep shrinking with each session. I’m down to just the tail section now. The P-40 needs a tiny touch up around the cowling and a small bit of sanding on the port side wing root. The Bf-109 needs a tiny bit of sanding on the underside, just behind the wing. The P-51 is clear to move forward. 

The Beaufighter and Betty are in their infant stages still. Basic preliminary painting has been completed and the interior windows have been installed and masked on the Betty as well. I hope to spend some time on the cockpits tonight and get a good jump on them. 

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