We Have Wings

With every build that I do, the moment the wings are attached is when I really start to get anxious. In a good way. It becomes more real at that point. It signifies to me that the hardest work, filling and sanding, is just about over and I am close to the finish line. Last night was just that. 

Before I get ahead of myself here, the elder statesmen of the group had some important work done as well. The Ju-86 received some more sanding and will get another round of primer tonight. Each session is getting smaller and smaller which is a good sign. 

The Hs-129 had its engine nacelles installed and is now officially ready for final paint. That may have to wait until Friday but we’ll see. I’ve had the airbrush broken down and soaking in lacquer thinner since the F-18, so I have a bit of cleaning to do there. 

So back to the P-51, P-40, and Bf-109. All three received their wings last night. All three put up a fight in some capacity. The P-51 was the easiest fit with just a minor adjustment. The P-40 needed some sanding to get a decent fit. The wing roots will need some added attention but nothing too serious. The Bf-109 was THE worst and I don’t recall ever having this problem from my past builds of this kit. That being said, I’m positive that this was my fault in the way that I assembled the wings. I may have botched up the placement of the halves by a fraction leading to this. Nevertheless, I sanded the fuselage down quite a bit more than I wanted to and the Bf-109 has its wings. Remarkably, there won’t be much more to address as far as gaps are concerned. The fit looks pretty good. I did have to add some more filler to the bottom of the air intake. Other than that, all three should move fairly quickly. 

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