As the week progresses on, I see my workbench efforts become slimmer each day. Since switching over to a new schedule, I am now starting to find my legs and take notice of my limitations. 

I only work Tuesday to Friday now, which is wonderful. The twist is that I am on straight days, 5a-5p. For the last six months I have been on straight midnights so it’s quite a taxing adjustment. Add that to having to get up at 3:10am to take the 55 minute commute and here we are. 

The past few months have certainly brought some changes to the surface around here. Not that they are bad changes, just notable to my usual efforts. This past shake up took a lot less time for me to figure out and I think I learned a lot from the major shutdown that I had this past May. I’m now figuring out that I need to get my workbench started earlier and keep to short sessions. No more power sessions during the work week. It’s irresponsible of me to expect to fit any bench time in when all I have is a few hours at home per day. This will stretch out my builds even longer but that’s perfectly okay. The benefits will show. Let’s not forget that I still have three days off per week! 

Even with my new mentality towards the way that I approach my builds, I was able to sneak a quick session in last night. Just basic sanding on all five builds and a coat of primer. I’ll give them a look tonight and see where I stand but it was a huge confidence boost to get that accomplished. I’m hoping for final paint on the Ju-86 and Hs-129 over the weekend. Fingers crossed. 

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