Quick Weekend

Well the weekend has come and gone without much activity blowing past my workbench. This afternoon was the first opportunity to attempt any sort of progression whatsoever. It was mainly little work being completed but anything will do right now.

The afternoon kicked off with the Ju-86 and Hs-129 getting some filler applied to their canopies. The Ju-86’s canopy had a terrible fit as you can see in the photograph. I’ve got some sanding to address tomorrow and then I can prime them to see where I stand. It won’t be too long before I can begin final paint.

The P-51 and Bf-109 were the other two to get some attention today. Both kits had their fuselage halves joined and have caught up to the P-40. All three now need the usual sanding of the seams before I can do anything more. That and the wings will see some time at the workbench tomorrow. 

8 thoughts on “Quick Weekend

  1. Amazing, your knowledge of these many aircraft is vast. My main interest in aviation is commercial aircraft. I currently work very close to Nellis AFB here in Vegas which fuels my interest in Aviation.

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    • Thank you! I really don’t know all that much until I research what I’m building. That’s one of the best parts of building. It’s a rewarding hobby. There is a huge market for commercial. It’s a strong interest. I’ve almost bought a few from time to time.


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