One Down, Two To Go 

It’s back to the grindstone with the Hs-129 and Ju-86 now that the F-18 is all wrapped up. I spent a little time addressing a few needs today but not enough to make a huge dent. What I did get done will set me up real well for my next session. 

The Hs-129 and it’s gun pod kicked off the workbench session today. The pod has been attached and a few small gaps were filled. I also installed the horizontal stabilizers and affixed the engine nacelles. All little steps for now but very soon they will all add up. 

The Ju-86 really didn’t get a whole lot of work done to it. I wanted to get the canopies installed but noticed I wasn’t quite finished with the interior just yet. Part of the horizontal stabilizer was attached and I will need to sand and fill a few areas there. The wings were the big triumph of the day. I think I’m out of the woods with them. I will get some primer on after I can install the canopies. Hopefully that all comes tomorrow. 

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