A Refreshing Regroup

Well it’s been a few days since my last session at the workbench and I think the new routine is suiting me well. For the first time, we took a family vacation and not one model was invited to the party. We took a beginning of the school year mini vacation to Squire Boone Caverns in Corydon, IN. It was a nice getaway to see some of our home state’s history. It’s one of a few caves that you can tour in the southern part of the state. We had a great time there and came back refreshed. 

So today was a kind of reintroduce myself kind of day. I began with the easiest build in the F-18. All that was needed to be done was the weathering , gear bay painting, and some detail striping to the ordinance. The weathering came out wonderfully in my own opinion. I am excited to get final assembly started. I have a busy week ahead of me with the whole “life responsibilities” thing so I’ll take it as it comes. 

Next came the Ju-86’s horror story wings. They actually sanded and filled real well so I’m just being a drama queen here. I should be all set without too much more work aside from sanding them down to perfection. My next mountain to climb will be installing all the clear parts and filling the gaps on them. I’m liking this build more and more as I work with it.

The Hs-129 took all of about three minutes to work on today. I sanded the wing roots and the belly seams where the wings are attached with great success. I shot some primer on and all looks pretty nice. The horizontal stabilizers are next. The gun pod needs to be installed as well. There are plenty of things to keep me busy here.

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