Keeping The Pace

The F-18 remains at the forefront out of the three current builds and I am very happy with the progress, given the recent paint debacle. As I reported yesterday, we’re beyond final paint now and the next step will be the decal application. I’ve got the trusty set from Two Bobs so all should go smoothly. I applied a coat of clear gloss yesterday afternoon before I left for work so it would be all ready for me when I get off this morning. After I drop my kids off at school, it’s gonna be a decal party. 

Now onto the newbies. Both kits are sustaining their momentum and coming along as I hoped for. The cockpits and interiors are mainly finished and the fuselage halves were wedded yesterday. I was able to give both builds a good sand and apply some primer to them. The results were relieving. The Ju-86 has a few areas that still need to be addressed. The Hs-129 has just one longer seam on the underside to take care of. Both kits received filler to the problem areas and I’ll pick up where I left off later today. It’s always nice when you get some softball builds like these.

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