The Tale of the Elderly Paint

It’s no fun when good intentions turn sour on you. I will admit that I have been experiencing some nice build sessions with fantastic results lately. Sooner or later the monkey wrench had to appear right? Well it arrived today to rain on my parade. 

The build had transitioned over to paint a few days ago as I brought it out to the airbrush to get the underside, external stores, and drop tanks taken care of. That went great. I masked everything off last night and resumed painting this afternoon. 

So we’ll travel back a few days when I noticed that I did not have the Dark Ghost Gray needed for the top color. A quick call to my Father to see if he had any revealed that, AHA, he did. Here is where the title comes in. You see, my Dad isn’t the model builder that he once was and the jar of paint he gave me is perhaps as old as I am. Not really but it sure isn’t recent. I figured why not? It mixed up well so I was comfortable with it up to that point. For whatever reason, the paint started to dry as soon as it left my airbrush resulting in a ruined paint job. I will need to sand all the little paint nibs off and then I will mix my own color with reliable paint. Old paint has worked for me in the past so I wasn’t too concerned that it would fail on me. Live and learn.


9 thoughts on “The Tale of the Elderly Paint

  1. I brush paint my models using humbrol enamels. I’ve had bad paint even from brand new cans. Manufacture had been moved to China and resulted in poor quality control so they have now moved production back to UK. The worst was a matt green that dried gloss despite being mixed properly. Never noticed a problem with old paint though as long as it was in sealed cans. I recently opened a can that was 10 years old and it worked well. Bad luck though. Glad you are chalking it up to experience and sticking with the model. 🙂

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    • If it keeps happening then I’ll worry about it but I have had success since then so maybe it was some bad luck. I haven’t had too much experience with Humbrol. I have a few tins of it but never have used them. Model Masters and Tamiya seem to have the market around here.


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