I knew it would take some time to get back to the flow that I was so used to from months ago. While I am not at a full 100%, I’m diggin’ my progress lately. All five builds are rounding out pretty well. The F-18 has found its first gaffe in the vertical stabilizers. The gaps on either side are shocking coming from a Hasegawa kit. They weren’t that hard to fill but come on. I expect a little bit better of a fit to a premium brand. Oh well. It is what it is and the kit overall has gone well so I won’t continue on about it. Once I can sand the seams down then I can start final paint. My decals came in the mail on Saturday so I am cleared all the way in.

As good as the F-18 has been moving along, the rest of the crew has been gaining ground viciously. The Babs and Avenger received their weathering last night and got a good coat of clear matte to seal it all in. Final assembly will commence first thing tomorrow morning.

The Spitfire had it’s decals applied yesterday and sealed this afternoon. I will start weathering it tomorrow. This is the build that I am the most excited to see finished. I love the scheme and British markings are always an attractive feature. Very soon.

Last but not least, the Stuka is coming along nicely. Final paint is complete and the decals were applied this afternoon. I did a little detail painting as well so now I will let it sit and seal in everything in the morning. Obviously, this will be the last of the original four to be finished. I think it’s looking good so far. The weathering should make for a good war weary Stuka.

15 thoughts on “Satisfaction

  1. Hey, how’s it going! I’ve been following you for a while now and love your work. You inspired me to get into the hobby and I’ve completed a few models. I’m definitely no where close to your skill but I have fun doing it anyways. Thanks, Craig

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    • Well thank you. I’m glad that I have “infected” you! Ha! It’s a great hobby and I’m happy you have taken it up. What kits have you built? I’m sure they’re just fine. We all start somewhere and my somewhere consists of about forty kits in a container that I use for spare parts. I like to call them learning kits. I have been doing this for about six years now and I’m still making the same mistakes I did in the beginning. The only difference is that fixing them comes a little bit easier now. Good luck and keep moving forward!


  2. Great progress, love the avenger. You don’t see many clipped wing spits built so it will be interesting. I had that option on my last two spits but went with the classic shape. I’m working on a 1/48th Panavia Tornado GR1 at the moment, will be a while as it is a big plane compared to my normal WW2 fighters.

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    • Thank you! I must admit that I was fighting the urge to build the regular wing but I felt the need to build the clipped wing. It’s actually grown on me quite a bit.
      I’ve been thinking about building a Tornado soon. Hope to see your finished product.


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