Happier Weekend 

My goal for the weekend was to have the wings attached on all four builds. Goal achieved! At a time when the progress is hard to gain, this is huge for my morale. I’m always afraid my builds will become the forgotten half finished kits sitting in their dark boxes. That’s why I’m so adamant about my status on each build. It’s my personal moral to finish every kit that I begin. So to attain this goal leaves me feeling recharged in knowing that the progression is continuing in the desired direction. 

Not one of them is perfect by any means. More filling and sanded will be needed of course. Having the wings on is a huge boost that gives me more motivation to get my butt into action. I’m back at work for the next four days so I don’t foresee a whole lot of activity swirling about. I’ll take it when I can I guess. Regardless, they’re coming along and I’m happy with that. 

A bonus to the builds is that my model room is getting sorted out a little. All of my finished and unfinished kits are officially home. The last load arrived Saturday afternoon and I am literally swimming in models. The amount of built kits is quite overwhelming with lots of shelf space needed to accommodate the masses. It’s slowly starting to come around and soon I will be back in full force packing my shelves again. 

9 thoughts on “Happier Weekend 

  1. Looking good. These gaps need now to be filled and polished up smooth. You can also wipe off any excess putty with the LT and a cosmetic stick.
    It’s a good strategy to glue upper halves of the wings to the wing roots first if the fit isn’t perfect. In return one receives less sanding and no need to recreate the lost panel lines in the visible areas.
    Working on several projects simultaneously is also a good idea especially if one hasn’t got a lot of free time, like me for example. There’s always something to do, if it happens to have a half an hour or so for the hobby 🙂
    Best, Hubert

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    • That’s my take on it as well. I’m never left with down time when I have multiple kits going.
      I like to mask off the wing roots before I fill them to avoid any spreading to unnecessary areas. This makes it way easier and less to sand.


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