Setting Up

As I limp my way through the current four builds, I had a brief victory today. Between the ongoing settling in, I managed to devote a small amount of time to the model building side of life. There are two parts to my “workbench” here at Amateur Airplanes. The first section is where the bulk of the work is completed. The actual area where I build the kits is well used and obviously my most frequented spot. The other, equally important, zone is where I perform all my painting. I spent a little time today setting up a nice spot in the garage for my spray area. I used the top portion from a Tamiya paint rack for all my rattle cans to be conveniently stored and easily accessible. The next part will be the airbrush set up. I already have my air compressor up and running so all I need to do now is run the air line and install my regulator. Every little victory counts!

To keep the momentum going, I grabbed the Stuka, Babs, Avenger, and Spitfire to prime them. The nice difference from my previous five years of building is that I am now able to paint my builds and leave them to dry in a finished garage. This means that I can’t put off airbrushing in the freezing months of winter. Another bonus is that I don’t have to smell the fumes anymore from the paint. I can leave the kit where it sits and bring it in when it’s dry. All good things. 

Depending on how well I sanded the seams, I will handle any gaps or additional sanding tomorrow. Ideally, I would like to have the wings attached on all four kits this weekend. That’s quite a tall order given my circumstances lately but I am certainly going to try.

18 thoughts on “Setting Up

  1. Apparently Sir Alex Ferguson, the great soccer manager of Manchester United, had a saying about this kind of situation, “Whatever gets you towards the top of the hill is good.” SO it’s little steps, and eventually, you will have everything exactly as you planned (in theory, at least)

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  2. Hiiii….I would like to invite you to write an article of your choice that we could share with scale modelers in the Philippines through including your article in a magazine that I am creating right now. 🙂

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