Finding Normalcy 

When your life gets shaken and your entire routine gets tossed in a blender, it’s how you handle the aftermath that determines the recovery. My move has chopped me up and left me with aches and pains. Today was the first day since Friday that I have actually felt pretty good. That recovery part seems to be healing itself. 

Moving sucks. Plain and simple. If you are a professional mover then hats off to you. I’ve learned that the little victories are the fuel to keep at it. It’s just too overwhelming to think that you can manage an entire move in a matter of a few days. Not likely.

My small victory today was a combination of things. The first was setting up my paint rack. A few years ago, my local hobby shop closed its doors and I was lucky enough to get a Tamiya and a Model Masters paint rack. They’ve been in storage until now. The Tamiya rack will be set up in the garage to hold all my rattle cans. I figure that will be where I use them so logic wins.

The second part of the victory was getting some sanding addressed on the Stuka, Spitfire, Avenger, and Babs. I closed off the cockpits and I’ll hit them with some primer in the morning. There are a few areas that I know for sure will need some filler but for the most part, all four kits look good. 

The unpacking will continue tomorrow as planned but I feel good that I’m starting to bring my models back into my daily routine. I can’t go too fast though. My airbrush isn’t even close to being set up! 

12 thoughts on “Finding Normalcy 

  1. I hear you, brother! Between 1986 when I graduated from Seminary and 2011 when I retired from the Air Force I had one move to my first civilian church, nine moves in the Air Force (between 1990 and 2011) and two moves since then with the church. It does suck! I am so glad that the aches and pains have lessened and that you are getting your shop together. That is both therapeutic and healing! Paint and construct on!

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  2. Absolutely right…a move is traumatic. Doing something from your old home will give you an increased sense of well being. Even when I go on holiday, I always take a couple of books with me, so that I can read them in bed, just like I would have done at home.

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  3. Yep, I’ve moved a few times over the years and it is a very stressful and tiring process. Thankfully we’ve stayed put in this current house for 14 years so I have largely forgotten about the aches and pains. Like the paint racks 🙂

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