Under Construction 

Since 8:00am Friday morning, I have been moving into my new home resulting in zero build time. That’s quite alright given that I now have a dedicated space for my finished builds. 

It’s been quite a journey getting to this point and I’m not quite finished yet. Many more boxes still remain full awaiting my attention. There will be lots of sorting and resorting to accomplish but I’m actually excited to work on all that. So here’s my progress so far. Keep in mind that I still have about three boxes of un-started kits to unpack and put away. I certainly underestimated my inventory!

15 thoughts on “Under Construction 

  1. It looks a bit like my in-tray of books I have yet to read and DVD box sets I have yet to watch. I am 62, so I’m not going to buy too many more until I have cleared the backlog. It looks like you’ve got more than a couple of weeks to fill as well!

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