Mitsubishi F-2A 

Hasegawa couldn’t have done a better job on this kit. A performance like this is why we pay the premium for their kits. I had a great time building this kit. Great detail and a wonderful paint scheme. This F-2 depicts the 60th anniversary of the J.A.S.D.F. I think the markings give a nice elegance to the aircraft. 

This model was purchased a few months back and put on the shelf without much thought to building it. It was one of those “add it to the cart to get free shipping” kind of scenerios. I’m glad that I added it.  Nevertheless, I’m very happy to have built it and it’ll go right next to its F-16 cousins when I get my shelves up.

14 thoughts on “Mitsubishi F-2A 

  1. Very nice looking F-16 derivative! This model is in 1/72 scale, right? In the photos it looks more like a 1/48 one 🙂

    Got to build myself one of these too, even if it won’t turn up this nice…

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