Minor Snag

Not a whole lot happened at the workbench today. I discovered that I was out of the dark green needed for the B-57 so I decided to just work on a few little aspects instead of heading out to the airbrush. When I get the color that I need then I’ll stroll out there and finish up. 

It was a relaxed approach today with the F-2, B-25, and Cougar getting some bench time. I started off with the B-25’s decal application. There were very few to apply so it was a pretty quick session. I was able to grab a set from Starfighter Decals representing Jimmy Doolitle’s aircraft. Great decals and very nice to work with. 

 The Cougar and F-2 were all just touch up and minor paint work. The Cougar needed it’s wingtips and leading edges painted while the F-2 just needed it’s nose painted. The F-2 still needs it’s final color. The Cougar will get it’s decals applied tomorrow and hopefully get completed by the weekend. 


8 thoughts on “Minor Snag

  1. jest want ya to know i have been following u for years now an wow i must say u do the builds, i used to do the builds many years ago when younger, an love the stuff u do is perty kewl….with the quality an craftsmanship u display in ur stuff, i personally think u would really enjoy building a long-eze aircraft, we have built 2 in garages, one in a basement. they are like models also, but very kewl when done with them, u can auctually pull out of the garage an go FLY!..My latest build is an ultralight trike since i can’t pass the medical anymore {old man} to fly the vari-eZes..so is my 2 cents werth fer da day…..bet ur collection of models is werth quite the penny when displayed fully, will fill a big big room! yes indeed 🙂 keep on keepin on sir’ an take care 🙂 Q

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      • I had a friend in sandy eggo many years ago, an old aircraft designer an engineer, an his hobby was as urs, building the coolest of cool builds also, he had so many he eventually donated them to the local aerospace an tech museum….which hung them all over in different displays round the museum, where the real big airplanes were, anyhow , was his claim to fame , although i don’t want to name drop here , But ur arts an builds rate right up there with the best,,, so keep on kepin on an take care…Q

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  2. I’m looking forward to the B25 being completed. I actually saw one (a real one) a week ago hung from the ceiling in the International War Museum at Duxford. It looked tiny when suspended above a B52! Highlight of the day though was witnessing an air display by a Mustang. The sound of that engine while performing dummy strafing runs and dives was incredible.

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