Just Another Day At The Workbench

The time has come for final paint on the two Canberras, the Cougar, and F-2. As usual, I am procrastinating in getting that underway. In my own defense, my airbrush is currently disassembled and soaking in lacquer thinner. Obviously that needs to be taken care of first and I hope to sit down today to give it a thorough cleaning. It was looking a little sad and not performing very well so I had to break it down.

So four out of the five builds will likely sit dormant for another day. That leaves more time for the B-25 which is quickly catching up. I have advanced beyond my mistake and slowly transitioned back into construction. As you can see, the wings are attached and the wing roots have been filled. They need a good sanding and they’ll be done. I installed all the clear parts except for the top turret which won’t get attached until final assembly. A good coat of primer will go on this afternoon so I can see if there are any gaps to fill. There isn’t a whole lot left to go before I can start prepping for final paint. I’m glad that the drop didn’t end up being too much of an issue. 


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