Under The Weather

An annoying cold has arrived at the Amateur Airplanes household and it is currently my turn to fight it off. Now I’m not in the original groove that I started with but it helped out tremendously for just a time like these past few days. 

So all my whining aside, I have still managed to get some work done. The F-2 and Cougar are essentially ready for paint. I need to give the instructions a good look to make sure that I haven’t forgotten anything but I feel pretty confident. The Cougar should go well with paint. The F-2 on the other hand, I’m worried about the lighter blue color. I can’t find an exact color so it looks like I’ll be mixing one up. I’ll do a little more research to try to find a good mix then go from there. 

The Canberras are coming along great. The wings were installed yesterday with the wing roots being filled this morning. I’ll give them a good sanding tomorrow and get a good layer of primer applied. I will also go ahead and install the horizontal stabilizers sometime tomorrow as well. After that, final paint will be knocking on the door. 

Last but not least, the B-25 is performing well. I’ve been methodically taking my time here. The ballast was added this morning and my fingers are crossed that there is enough in there. I picked up where I left off this afternoon and joined the fuselage halves as well as installing the engine nacelles to the wings. The next step is a good round of sanding. It doesn’t look like I’ll need to add much filler but we’ll see. 


7 thoughts on “Under The Weather

  1. They’re both from roughly the same era, but the Cougar and the Canberra are two very different looking approaches to the question of how to use the new powerful engines developed over the preceding ten or fifteen years. It’s almost as if the Canberra designers are frightened of going too fast!

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