Well Oiled Machine

My decision to add the B-25 build has not hindered any of the other four builds. If anything, it has spurned a productive burst today. All five kits have seen good progress between last night and this morning. Starting with the F-2, I am quite far along with just a few final parts to affix and some light filling on the vertical stabilizer. Final paint isn’t far away. 

 The Cougar is also sitting on the verge of final paint with virtually all initial construction finished. I finished up the intakes today and attached the top halves of the wings. The wing roots needed some filler so that was added and sanded today as well. I will prime everything up and depending on what that reveals, I will proceed on to final paint. 

 The B-57 has pulled away from its British cousin and is moving along quite well. The fuselage seams are one now and I am focused on the FLIR’s seams. They look pretty good so far and I will get some primer on this afternoon. The wings have been assembled and sanded but more than likely won’t get installed until tomorrow. 

 The PR.9 has taken a little more effort with the fuselage seams and I am almost past that step now. The wings were also addressed and made ready for installation. More filler will get added tonight and I would like to start preparing the landing gear. It may be in “fourth place”, but I am very happy with the progress made. 

 The B-25 is catching up fast with the cockpit just about finished. All interior windows have been installed and masked off along with the wings being assembled and sanded. The canopy and nose section was masked off last night and now I need to add some detail inside the nose. I’m not sure how I am going to go about doing that but I will figure it out soon enough. The bulkheads have started to get installed and next will be some ballast. The B-25 is going very well so and I’m glad that I went ahead and added it. 


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