Life at 100mph

Since I’ve been back from Tennessee, it seems as though my life has shot into warp speed. The past few months have been focused on house hunting and we finally found a winner with an accepted offer on Monday. A great big sigh of relief there but this is just the beginning of a hectic month. 

The packing and moving will inevitably interfere with my models a bit and that’s perfectly okay. The key for now is to get as much done as I can when I can. I think I’ve done a good job so far with all four builds getting the fuselage seams sanded and primed today. For the most part, all looks pretty good. There are a few remaining gaps to fill but nothing near what I expected. Tomorrow will see some filler added and maybe sanded tomorrow night. 

  Remember the Wildcat? Well, the decals were lost in the mail so I had to wait for a new set. Those arrived yesterday and I sat down to apply them this morning. Great decals from Techmod. Perfect thickness and application. I’ll get the weathering finished up tomorrow and start final assembly on Saturday. 


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