Spring Break Building

It’s spring break time and miraculously I was able to get my vacation to coincide with my kids’ schedule. Getting older isn’t so bad when my seniority at work is starting to benefit me. Anyway, this years vacation brought us to Tennessee and along for the trip came my next four builds. The two Canberras, F-2, and Cougar are at the bare bones stage for now but my goal for the week is to get all the cockpits complete and the fuselage halves together. Not a far fetched idea but I don’t have a great track record of staying on target. There is a plethora of activities to do in this tourist trap so it will more than likely be late night building sessions all week. 

Before I left, I made sure to do a little preliminary painting so I could have a decent head start to the week. Basic detail work on the cockpits will be first to be worked on along with wings and horizontal stabilizer assembly. I may try to get the instrument panel decals on this morning to get a little farther tonight. We’ll see though. 


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