Still Plugging Away

Gauging my progress has become more and more of a difficult task lately. While I am not churning out results that I have seen in the recent past, I find myself getting used to the new laid back style of building. Once I can get through this set of builds and back to a fresh start, I think I can ease back into a normal pace. This afternoon proved no different in terms of progress and approach. I would be happy with my results any day. 

The Wildcat kicked off the afternoon with the final color of Sea Blue getting applied. The decals for this kit are in transit right now so it will sit for a couple of days until they arrive. That was it for activity at the airbrush today. The Macchi was next with a quick sanding on the windscreen. With all that handled, I noticed that I made the same mistake of not installing the windscreen on the Fw 190. They both will receive the same colors for the upper surfaces so there was no sense in painting the Macchi today if I couldn’t get the Fw 190 in too. I will finish up the Fw 190’s windscreen tomorrow and get them both out to paint. 

The Polikarpov was the forgotten child today. There was no apparent reason why I couldn’t get it back out for another application of yellow other than I spaced out. It will head out at the soonest available moment tomorrow. 

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