Simple Progress

My two days off were not as fruitful as I had hoped but I think it was just enough to revive my efforts. Wednesday was the turning point day with me finally getting out to my airbrush to seriously mend some lost time. My sincere hope was to follow that up with another valiant effort to get some more paint applied. That was regrettably not the case at hand. Another drop in temperature with some snow kept me inside yet again. The rest will get painted eventually. I know that. I won’t fret and will just continue on with what I can do. 

In a strange turn of events, what I could do yesterday was decal the Harrier. It turns out that it will be the first to be completed. And here I thought it would be the last one finished. The decals were a bit aged but transferred better than I expected. I’d have a massive delay if they didn’t work so I am overly thrilled they were a success. There are a few spots where the grey bled through onto the white that need a quick touch up before I can commence weathering. Regardless of if I can get out to the airbrush anytime soon, I know I have the Harrier that I can finish up. 

 After taking a few hour brake, I started masking both the Fw 190 and Wildcat. The Wildcat will need only one more color while the Fw 190 will need two. I’m hoping I can get back out to the airbrush today or tomorrow to get them addressed along with the Polikarpov and Macchi. 


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