Well it’s about time! The weather indeed warmed up today and I seized the opportunity to take advantage of what I could not grasp for the past few weeks. Whew! It feels great to finally be over the hump and on my way to finishing these kits up. Even with my victory today, plenty of work remains to be completed. 

I will start off with the elder of the group in the Fw 190. The belly has been repainted today and now has a consistent color throughout. Tomorrow morning will see the underside and lower portions of the fuselage masked off for another round of paint. 

Next up is the Polikarpov. Not much was completed as far as the big picture is concerned. I opted to paint the yellow engine cowl, waist band, and wing-tips first. I will need to add a second coat tomorrow due to inconsistency in the paint. I’m not sure if it was the cold or if I just mixed it too thin. Either way, it needs to be fixed. I will get a quick coat on tomorrow and be able to move forward with it.

The Macchi was the lone kit to not receive any paint today. I forgot to install the wind screen and needed to address that task before I can move on to paint. Some filler will be needed in one spot and hopefully I can get it started by at least Friday.

The Wildcat and Harrier made it to the airbrush today as well. The Harrier is finished aside from some touch-ups. I would like to start decals sometime tomorrow. The Wildcat needs to masked off and get the last color painted on. I’m still waiting on decals for this kit so I’m not in a massive hurry to get this one finished. 


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