Why Not?

The rules had to be broken eventually right? My two build slow down has been compromised by me adding another kit to the workbench. The idea of building the Canberra PR.9 instead of its American cousin B-57G wasn’t sitting too well with me. Now there’s certainly nothing wrong with the PR.9 and I’m happy to have the chance to build it. My reasoning for the add on other than just “I want to”, is that I think it will be a fantastic opportunity to see the differences in such a similar design. 

So the Italeri kit is the same kit that I built a few years ago. The only difference that I can see so far are the FLIR and LLTV blisters on the nose. If I remember correctly, I had a decent time with the “B” variant so I would expect the same out of this kit. I did forget to add nose weights and I won’t make that mistake again. This will be a fun parallel build.  


5 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. I really want a B-57G ( but 1/48), didn’t get it when Airfix was pushing out the Canberras, and I missed the Revell re-issued. Anyway, just gotta wait patiently for them to start selling again

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