Slowly Gaining Momentum

Okay. This weekend hasn’t gone exactly like I originally had hoped for. That said, I don’t think it has gone terribly. The airbrush remains dormant even though we had an amazing day of 65 degrees yesterday. I was gone for most of the day so I will use that as my excuse. Today is back in the thirties so it was yet another day of not getting any paint flowing. 

All the underachieving aside, I have been fairing pretty well on the Harrier and Wildcat. I have just been trying to keep a good pace going and working as diligently as possible. I finished up the fuselage seams on both kits yesterday and went ahead and attached the wings. The wing roots looked fantastic on the Harrier so I also affixed the horizontal stabilizers. The wing roots on the Wildcat aren’t terrible but needed a small application of filler. 

It is feeling like I am on the home stretch with both builds now. If I get some time tonight, I want to get the nose section attached on the Harrier and fill any gaps where needed. I would also like to try and get the Wildcat’s wings sanded and primed. Not a massive to do list so I think it’s achievable. 



14 thoughts on “Slowly Gaining Momentum

  1. Cool projects. I don’t miss the noise from harriers idling on the flightline all night. Spent 5 years in the Marine Corps on an Air Station and you would hear them all hours of the day from the barracks. Really awesome airframe though.

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