Poor Effort

Okay, the past five days have been like walking through molasses. I can’t seem to find an edge to grab ahold of to get a good grip on all of my pending builds. The weather has been my biggest enemy thus far with cold temperatures making an unwanted appearance. It’s 32 degrees out today so I may be able to head out to the airbrush today. The Fw-190 and Polikarpov need they’re bellies painted and the Macchi has it’s underside finished and masked off for the initial upper painting. The Harrier and Wildcat builds are slowly coming around. I have completed preliminary paint and hopefully I can get deeper involved later tonight or tomorrow. Little gains are all I can expect for now. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and be left dissatisfied with my efforts. 


18 thoughts on “Poor Effort

      • I faced that problem too. Thankfully I have now put some shelves up in the lounge so I can display about 30 of my 1/48 aircraft. The problem is dust, made worse in our house as it is heated by solid fuel stoves. Glass display cases are very expensive though. I have taken to varnishing all my planes (over the top of the decals) so that I can actually wash the models every few years without the risk of decals washing off.

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