We’re Getting Closer

The hope for the start to this week was to piggyback my weekend success into the same progress that I so very much enjoyed. Here we are three days into the week and there hasn’t been all that much activity at the workbench. At least not as much as I had planned for. I came into work early today (9a-9p) and the same goes for tomorrow so any actual model work getting accomplished is a bonus now. 

The temperature keeps playing head games and has dropped back down to a frosty 19 degrees. The Fw 190 will remain grounded until at least Monday. 

The Polikarpov is fairing well with all the filling and sanding complete. The engine cowling was installed yesterday and I passed the sanding test on my first attempt. I primed it this morning with excellent results. There are a few little projects like ordinance to address before I can begin final paint. 

The Macchi is doing just as well. I finished up with sanding yesterday and primed it along with the Polikarpov. Great results ensued so I am very happy with this build. Final paint will take place so with this kit. 

I’m doing great at sticking to the two builds at once rule that I put in place a few weeks ago. It’s hard at times and I do have a stack of kits ready to be started. The Harrier and Wildcat have not been started yet, but I think now is as good a time as any to begin. I’ll only have about an hour in the morning to maybe get them on their respective work boards for preliminary paint. My best bet is to hold tight and get started over the weekend. 

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