Two More on Deck

With the Bv 141 wrapped up and the Fw 190 on the cusp of finality, it’s time to really dig in on the Polikarpov and Macchi builds. The weekend will be a perfect launching pad to achieve my desired jumpstart. While all of that is going on, I thought it would be a great opportunity to choose my next builds. 

Lately the theme here has been all WWII aircraft. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing but as you know I like to have some diversity in my builds. With that in mind, it was off to find a jet age aircraft. There was no other criteria that I was going with other than basically no propeller. I like times like these when I don’t have an immediate inspiration for an airplane and just dig through my stash and build. It gives me time to really look at my inventory and 99% of the time, a kit just sticks out to me and gets me excited for the build. This kit happens to be Hasegawa’s 1/72 Sea Harrier Mk.1. Who doesn’t love the Harrier? After I built my AV-8B Harrier II a while back, I wanted to get a British variant on display. Here’s my chance and I am very enthused about it. Opening the box you’ll find typical Hasegawa quality. I’m not sure of my paint scheme just yet. A little more research should solidify that decision. I think this build will be lots of fun. 

The criteria was met with the Harrier so I thought it would be fine if I slipped another WWII era plane into the mix. I chose to go with Academy’s 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat. It has been about five years since my last Wildcat build and that is far too long. The first one was built when I first started back into the hobby so it’s not that great of a build. It’ll make for a nice side by side comparison when I am finished. Back to the kit itself, it’s not the greatest Academy kit but it certainly isn’t awful. My biggest complaint is the lack of any landing gear bay detail. Other than that….game on. I’m not too sure if I want to go with an early, mid, or late war paint scheme. I am leaning towards the early war markings but it’s still a toss up. 


12 thoughts on “Two More on Deck

  1. What a wonderful blog you have! You are very skilled. I have made the Spitfire kit in the past and I did enjoy it – you have made me want to do more! I’ve always thought it would be really fun to have them all hanging from the ceiling.

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