Happy Days

The current three builds are easing along as well as I could hope for. Progress has been made in some capacity on all three kits over the past few days. Most notably, the Lancaster. After days of grounding due to weather restraints, it has finally begun to get back in a groove. The decals were applied and I was able to weather it yesterday afternoon. It’s looking pretty decent so far. I used the stock decals which wasn’t that great of an idea. They applied okay but the age of them shows. They also silvered on me in some areas requiring touch ups. So my goal of it being completed by the weekend may still happen. If I can get a good hour to assemble it tonight then we’ll be good. 

The BV-141 is doing quite well. The fuselage and port side wing are finished and are awaiting the cockpit to be finished. I’m close to having that done with just a few fine spots to sand. I think I will have it ready to paint by the weekend. 

The Fw-190 has the top halves of its wings attached and is looking pretty good. There is one small gap on the port side wing root to fill before I can prepare it for final paint. Because the wing roots looked so good, I installed the horizontal stabilizers. The gap will get filled today and hopefully the aircraft will be ready for final paint along with the BV-141.  


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