B-26B Marauder

The original plan for this build entailed making a bare metal British B-26 variant. I fully intended on depicting that aircraft until this past Christmas Eve when we received the news that my wife’s grandmother had passed away. Although it was expected for some time, it certainly wasn’t any easier to accept. I really don’t think it ever is. After a stroke about three years prior, we were all preparing for this day. We have had our ups and downs throughout that time span, but she stayed rock strong until the end. I felt that the B-26 would be the perfect canvas to adorn her nickname. Millie. I tried to print up a decal for the nose art but it just didn’t look right after I applied it. I scrapped it and just hand painted the name on. 

For those of you that have been following this particular build, you are well versed in the fight that it gave me. I find it a perfect build to dedicate to her. Although I only had the chance to know her for the past twelve years, she certainly has made a lasting impression on my life. To imagine the events in her 91 years is vastly intriguing. The most touching aspect was her appreciation and love towards her family. My wife was one of eleven grandchildren and my kids are two out of eighteen great-grandchildren. She enjoyed them every time she saw them. Most times having crackers or cookies for them to snack on.

Mildred’s life was long and, in my opinion, filled with admirable accomplishments and experiences. Be it making quilts for every grandchild or just having a meaningful conversation, she lived her life with absolute purpose. Almost a century of life is a long time to sustain such attributes. So every time I look at my B-26, I will remember how tough of a build it became for me. Most importantly, I will remember Mildred. Here’s to you Nana! 








26 thoughts on “B-26B Marauder

  1. To be honest, it looks great in green with the weathering and chipping. I could hardly imagine it in metal.

    And as you say… very fitting memorial to her. It looks like a fighter and it sounds like she was one, too!

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