We Have Wings

Well it’s been a solid year as far as the Lancaster is concerned. The current temperature is 10 degrees and that means no painting today. That is quite alright because I have made another good dent in the Lancaster build. It always becomes a turning point for me in my builds when the wings get attached. It seems like once they are installed, I can breathe a little easier. The initial fit wasn’t the best but after a little surgery and sanding they became workable. They will need further attention at the wing roots but that’s normal for most of my builds. The fuselage is finished and that is very encouraging.

After the wings were installed, I worked a little more on the turrets and cockpit. All of the guns are assembled and ready to go. The fairing for the top turret was installed and will need some filler after the glue sets up. All in all a good mini-session. My goal for tomorrow is to work more on everything that was done today. Filling the gaps will be the main event but I would really like to get the canopy installed. I think it’s relatively feasible to achieve my goal for tomorrow. 


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