OV-10D Bronco

After a delay with paint and just no time to fit it in, the Bronco is finished. You can still see remnants of the original failed paint color and I’m okay with that. It adds some depth with the weathering. I ended up having to use the Acryl Sand instead of the Enamel that I am used to. The upside was that I didn’t need to thin it down for my airbrush. The downside was poor coverage that I didn’t catch until after I was finished. 

Build wise the kit was fantastic. No issues beyond the canopy assembly. The filling worked out pretty well but I didn’t do a good job of masking resulting in the paint getting under the tape. I scraped off as much as I could and put some Future on to shine it back up. The weathering and decals went about as well as I could have asked for. This was just an overall good kit to work on. 


10 thoughts on “OV-10D Bronco

  1. Came out well, know one will know about the flaws but you. What brand of kit was this one? Do you have a favorite manufacturer of kits? I am thinking of trying one.but was hoping for an easy one to start with. The wood kits I have been doing are fun but my roots are in the plastic kits I built when I was younger.

    Do you have a preference for supplies as far as were you purchase your paint, glue and fillers?

    Don’t mean to pry but your results are fantastic!


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    • The Bronco was an Academy kit. I do have a favorite and it is Academy. Their overall quality/price is unbeatable. Trumpeter is higher detail and quality but you pay for it. Italeri and Hasegawa are good companies that I enjoy building. Now Airfix and Revell I’m not a fan of but still will build them. I would go with an Academy kit to start.
      Supply wise, I use both Tamiya an Testors fillers. Sand paper is sand paper. My paints are mainly Model Masters but I do have quite a few of the Testors bottles. I buy what I can from Hobby Lobby but the foreign colors I buy online. Get a good set of sprue cutters and hobby knife and you’ll be all set.
      Let me know if you have any more questions.

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  2. Wow, you are really pushing them out t a marvelous pace.

    I have to say, this is the one I was looking forward to the most and the colour choice is great.
    And to be honest… I would not mind the botched paint job showing through. I think it actually adds another level to the weathering, making it look like a plane that has been subject to desert sand on the airfield!

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