Two More 

Today was mostly a wash at the workbench. I spent a little time sanding on the B-26 but that’s about it as far as actual work goes. I did, however, select two more kits to build with the Lancaster. I’m staying on the WWII theme here and chose Academy’s 1/72 Focke Wulf Fw-190A8 and Airfix’s 1/72 Blohm & Voss BV 141 B. Both kits have been pushing to make it to the workbench and now is a great time to fit them in. Three builds is my limit for this set. I’m sure I’ll end up adding another at some point but I want to cut back a little and devote more attention to each build. 

Typical Academy kit with the Fw-190. It also includes a Kubelwagen that I’m unsure if I will build. We’ll see. The kit looks great in the box. I will get more in depth this weekend and start preliminary painting. 


The BV 141 is an amazing aircraft to me. I just can’t believe that it could get off the runway without flipping over to one side. It is certainly an interesting design and that’s the primary reason that I like it so much. 

So every time I pick an Airfix kit, I get a little nervous that I am getting into another project build. The Lancaster will hold that position so I sure don’t need another one. The kit looks pretty good so far. I don’t think I should have any hardships but until I dig into it, I’ll never know. Preliminary paint will begin alongside the Fw-190 this weekend. There is quite a bit of glass to mask off so that will keep me busy for a while. I’m excited to see this kit finally started. Both kits will be fun to build. 


11 thoughts on “Two More 

  1. couple of real ‘clunkers’ there so kudos to you! Have you noticed the ailerons on that A-8, bigger than barn doors and the nose is all wrong unfortunately, but don’t let me put you off.. on the other hand try the Academy 190 Dora (long nose) in this scale and see the difference.

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    • Thank you! Any Airfix kit I know will give me problems from the start. The Fw-190 has been a breeze so far. I’m quite fond of Academy. I’ve built Hasegawa’s D-9 and had a good time with it. I think I have a couple of the Academy kit too.


    • I have noticed that the loyalty for Airfix is extremely deep. Some of their newer kits aren’t so bad. The majority make me want to give up but it’s those few that keep me coming back. I built their F-51 a few years back and had so many issues. It came out nice in the end but getting there was a task.

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