Goodbye 2015

Down to the final hours of the year, I feel good about the kits that filtered through my workbench. I took a quick peek through my gallery to see the array of builds that I took part in over the past 365 days. Emotion is the term that I would use to sum it all up. Whether I may have been happy or frustrated, I certainly made an attachment to every build. In the end, I enjoyed every airplane no matter the circumstance it presented.

Well I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t get one last build in for the year but I guess I have a great head start for 2016. Everything is back on track and it just came down to the clock. I could have rushed and squeezed the Voodoo or MiG-29 in but what’s the point? I would just end up with a post about how I rushed and dropped one of them right? Yep. So today was a quality build session all around. 

The morning was started off with some sanding on the B-26 and Lancaster builds. The B-26 had a breakthrough with the wings getting installed. The fuselage still has a few small gaps to fill which is becoming upsetting but I’ll keep with it. The Lancaster received its first application of filler on both the upper and lower seams of the fuselage. The engine nacelles were sanded and primed resulting in a mix of “ready to move on” and “needs more work”. The wings haven’t been touched like I had originally wanted but I may try them later tonight. Either way I am happy to at least make some progress. 

The rest of the morning was all in the decal department. The MiG-29 was first up with about fifteen decals to apply. All went well with a good application of quality decals. The Voodoo on the other hand was a different story. I used a set of Print Scale Decals and whoa. Very delicate and quick to scrunch up. I learned the key was to put them on without blotting the excess water off of the backing. Even then it was a chore. I found it best to sit back and work slow. The Skyraider was last to get decals with a straight forward and normal application. Good, reliable decals. You can’t ever beat that. 

 So aside from the Bronco, all is well at the workbench. If 2016 is in any way like 2015, I’ll be in great shape. Happy New Years you all!

21 thoughts on “Goodbye 2015

  1. A fast best wishes for 2016. I envy and appreciate the time and talent you’re investing in your models. Downright inspirational. I may not comment about every post of yours that I read, but I read every one. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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